Hello There!

My name is Olivier Courbet. I am a french senior interactive art director and lead front-end developper at Signature Creative in Los Angeles. I have been drawing, designing and coding things for over 15 years, as a freelance and as an art director and developper in various agencies and startups including Dreamworks' Ptch.

I've worked with a variety of brands such as Dreamworks, Paramount, Disney, Mattel, Will.I.AM, The City of Los Angeles, the NBA etc and also work regularly with independents in the fields of music and cinema.

My "Péché Mignon" is logotype design. I've won several awards and my work has been featured in various design book and publications including Computer Arts, Logology vol.2, Wolda 2010. I also do a lot of illustrations but spend most of my time doing UX/UI and coding in Html, Css, javascript and Php.



Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/oliviercourbet